I Don't Know/Crazy Train/Goodbye to Romance/Dee/Suicide Solution/Mr. Crowley/No Bone Movies/Revelation (Mother Earth)/Steal Away (The Night)/You Lookin' at Me Lookin' at You

Over the Mountain/Flying High Again/You Can't Kill Rock and Roll/Believer/Little Dolls/Tonight/S.A.T.O./Diary of a Madman


Bark at the Moon/You're No Different/Now You See It (Now You Don't)/Rock 'n' Roll Rebel/Centre of Eternity/So Tired/Slow Down/Waiting for Darkness


The Ultimate Sin/Secret Loser/Never Know Why/Thank God for the Bomb/Never/Lightning Strikes/Killer of Giants/Fool Like You/Shot in the Dark


Miracle Man/Devil's Daughter (Holy War)/Crazy Babies/Breakin' All the Rules/Bloodbath in Paradise/Fire in the Sky/Tattooed Dancer/Demon Alcohol/Hero


Mr. Tinkertrain/I Don’t Want To Change The World/Mama, I’m Coming Home/Desire/No More Tears/S.I.N./Hellraiser/Time After Time/Zombie Stomp/A.V.H./Road To Nowhere


Perry Mason/I Just Want You/Ghost Behind My Eyes/Thunder Underground/See You On The Other Side/Tomorrow/Denial/My Little Man/My Jekyll Doesn't Hide/Old L.A. Tonight


Gets Me Through/Facing Hell/Dreamer/No Easy Way Out/That I Never Had/You Know...(Part I)/Junkie/Running Out Of Time/Black Illusion/Alive/Can You Hear Them?


Rocky Mountain Way/In My Life/Mississippi Queen/Go Now/Woman/21st Century Schizoid Man/All The Young Dudes/For What It’s Worth/Good Times/Sunshine Of Your Love/Fire/Working Class Hero/Sympathy For The Devil


Not Going Away/I Don’t Wanna Stop/Black Rain/Lay Your World on Me/The Almighty Dollar/11 Silver/Civilize the Universe/Here For You/Countdown’s Begun/Trap Door


Let It Die/Let Me Hear You Scream/Soul Sucker/Life Won't Wait/Diggin' Me Down/Crucify/Fearless/Time/I Want It More/Latimer's Mercy/I Love You All

Black Sabbath/The Wizard/Behind the Wall of Sleep/N.I.B./Evil Woman/Sleeping Village/Warning
Luke's Wall/War Pigs/ Paranoid/Planet Caravan/Iron Man/Electric Funeral/Hand of Doom/Rat Salad/Fairies Wear Boots/Jack the Stripper
Sweet Leaf/After Forever/Embryo/Children of the Grave/Orchid/Lord of this World/Solitude/Into the Void
Wheels of Confusion/Tomorrow's Dream/
Laguna Sunrise/St. Vitus' Dance/Under the Sun/Every Day Comes & Goes
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/A National Acrobat/Fluff/Sabbra Cadabra/Killing Yourself to Live/Who are You?/Looking for Today/Spiral Architect
Hole in the Sky/Don't Start (Too Late)/Symptom of the Universe/Megalomania/The Thrill of it All/Supertzar/Am I Going Insane (Radio)/The Writ
Back Street Kids/You Won't Change Me/It's Alright/Gypsy/All Moving Parts (Stand Still)/Rock 'N' Roll Doctor/She's Gone/Dirty Women
Never Say Die/Johnny Blade/Junior's Eyes/A Hard Road/Shock Wave/Air Dance/Over To You/Breakout/Swinging the Chain
Aparição do Black Sabbath encerra temporada de CSI


Banda apresenta música do novo álbum na série


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Ozzy concede entrevista ao Portal Ozzy Brasil


Madman revela que quer continuar fazendo música e diz que mal pode esperar para ver o público brasileiro, a partir do final de março


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